Rebellion in Music - Palestinian Rappers

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Rap has become an expression of rebellion and overcoming barriers territorial unites young Palestinians in the refugee camps to those who live in Israel. Music is a meaning of rebellion, protest and complaint.
"Rebellion in music" in which the new Arab generations express the oppression and fear of their lives under occupation and where rap music becomes a new language to demand equality and women's empowerment.

Safaa and Nahwa, two palestinian rapper girls living in Israel founded Arapeya group (= Arab women who do rap). Their songs speak of palestinians life in Israel and especially condition of muslim women.
Rap for them means to claim freedom and empowerment of arab women.

Meanwhile young rappers from 12 to 15 years old from Silwan (Arab neighborhood of East Jerusalem), choose to express themselves through hip hop to tell the fears and discomfort of their lives under occupation.
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